Esqueleto Explosivo

If you remember your Spanish lessons from high school, you may be aware that Esqueleto Explosivo translates to “Explosive Skeleton.” This game is just as weird, yet compelling, as its name might imply. Spin the reels to line up combinations of different-colored skeletons. Whenever you make a winning payline, the skeletons will explode and disappear, shifting the adjacent skeletons and causing more of them to appear from the top. New winning lines may be thus created, and you’ll be paid again!

More About Explosions

The Explosions in Esqueleto Explosivo will occur any time you create a winning payline – all the winning symbols will disappear. They will also take place whenever a special Explosivo wild symbol appears: In this case all eight surrounding symbols will also explode. Whenever one of these explosions occurs, the Mucho multiplier will double (up to a max of 32), and subsequent wins caused by falling skeletons will be increased accordingly.

Why Esqueleto Explosive Is Different

With only 17 paylines, this game may appear more humdrum and calm than other slots. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cascading explosions of skeletons, rendered in bright graphics, and the action of the rapidly increasing multiplier mean that it’s hard to become bored while playing.

There are no scatter payouts, free spins or bonus games to distract you from what really matters here: skeletons and explosions! There’s also no need to fiddle about with lines and coin sizes. You simply choose your bet from several options that are laid out for you. In many ways, this allows Esqueleto Explosivo to offer a simpler, purer and ultimately more satisfying gameplay experience than the many cookie-cutter slot games on the market today.


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What a Weird Game

I didn't know what to think when I first started playing Esqueleto Explosive. Pretty soon, I figured out that it was like a combination of the best parts of Tetris, a slot machine and a match game. It really feels exciting to get many wins in a row and run up that multiplier sky high while the skulls keep exploding!

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